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“Bankruptcy” is a federal program established by United States Congress to provide debt relief to persons suffering from financial difficulties. The federal bankruptcy program was never intended to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in attorney fees!

In fact, in most cases, the entire Chapter 7 bankruptcy process consists of completing the required forms, filing them with your local bankruptcy court, and attending a 3 to 5 minute phone or online meeting with a bankruptcy trustee.* Creditors rarely attend the meeting and no attorney or court hearing is required in most cases.

If you hire an attorney to file bankruptcy, the attorney will ask you for the information needed to complete the required bankruptcy forms. The information will then be typed onto the forms by the attorney’s secretary or paralegal using automated software. The forms will then be signed and filed with the bankruptcy court. The typical fee charged by a bankruptcy attorney is $1,200 to $2,500.

At QwikFile.net, just complete our secure, online bankruptcy questionnaire. Your completed bankruptcy forms will be prepared and emailed to you. Just print and sign the completed forms, then take or mail them to your local bankruptcy court. Your bankruptcy will be effective immediately upon filing ⁠— and you’ll save hundreds or thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees.

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* Completion of pre-bankruptcy counseling and a post-filing financial management course are required to file bankruptcy. See FAQ for details.

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